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Jiangxi Nile Electric is a comprehensive LED manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company has an independent R&D center that can undertake difficult production and processing, and can design and customize any LED display products according to customer needs. A large-scale modern cargo factory and quality inspection center ensure that every piece of LED products out of the factory meets national standards.

The company mainly produces high-end display products such as LED displays and LED street lights. Products are widely used in airports, stations, ports, stadiums, banks, schools, factories, and other venues.

With 17 years of mature development experience, Nile has always been at the forefront of LED displays, using superb technology and perfect services to provide LED displays for the playback platform. At present, Nile has thousands of customers in more than 400 cities in China and has established good cooperative relations with more than 90 countries.

Jiangxi Nile Electric

Focus on Led optics for 17 years, professional led display manufacturer

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